Kyra Bobinet MD-MPH


The Learner

As a Learner, you likely already understand the benefits of an iterative mindset, even if you aren’t familiar with the term. Iteration can be beneficial for Learners, especially when they’re feeling stuck or unmotivated, helping them move forward toward a healthier future.

Your Iterative Mindset Portrait

Learners score right in the middle range of the Iterative Mindset Quiz. As a learner, you see the benefits of taking an iterative approach, but might struggle making new habits work for you. By embracing the Iterative Mindset MethodTM and focusing on practice, assessment, and iteration, Learners can form lasting healthy habits.

Understanding the Iterative Mindset Types


The Seeker

Seekers can benefit the most from an iterative mindset by harnessing the power of iteration to build a renewed sense of purpose.


The Learner

Learners see the value of an iterative mindset and can benefit from consciously applying iteration to move past mental roadblocks.


The Iterator

Iterators already reap the benefits of using iteration to build healthy habits. They’re comfortable with change and are always focused on learning.

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