Kyra Bobinet MD-MPH

Unstoppable Brain: Pre-Order Bonus Gifts

Empower Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Guided Meditations and Positive Affirmations. 

Unlock Your Personal Potential Through Reflection and Practice with Weekly Journal Prompts for Every Week of the Year.


Meditation is never about being perfect–you cannot fail at meditating because it is simply about practicing and discovering 

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Affirmations to free yourself from failure, ease your stress and create lasting change

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Weekly Journal Prompts

These weekly journal prompts provide an opportunity for you to take the lessons from Dr. Kyra Bobinet’s book Unstoppable Brain and turn them into actionable insights for your own life.

Each week, work with one prompt to reflect on your life and incorporate the themes from Unstoppable Brain into your daily routine to help you overcome Failure Disease and realize your full potential.

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The Perfect Gift: Unstoppable Brain

Unstoppable Brain is available for pre-order. Share the pre-order link with someone you know who wants to become unstoppable, or pre-order for them as a gift!