engagement design

strategy – carrots/sticks – gamification – adherence,
telehealth – UI/UX – communications 

 evidence- & outcomes-based 

ROI strategy – program efficacy – outcomes research

outcomes analytics – evidence review

population health design

wellness – care management – high cost/utilization – HIT

target segments – program efficacy – healthy culture design


I get people ENGAGED.  I improve the health of whole populations.

The products & strategies I design, have made millions & saved billions.

I cannot take full credit for this, as my approach is evidence- & outcomes-based. 

This means that I incorporate the amazing work of great scientists and creative geniuses as the basis for each project.

I’m at your service!

Do you need to ENGAGE people in their health?

What is your Population Health strategy?  What about ROI?

Is your product mobile, technology, telehealth or behavior-based?

Let’s talk!  *smile

“Kyra consistently achieves outstanding results that push up the health engagement bar to a new level” –Karen W, SVP, Aetna

Recent Work
Recent Work
  • This  (Dr. Kyra Bobinet, Healthcare consultancy)
  • Engagement Behavior Designer, Persuasive Tech Lab under Dr. BJ Fogg, Stanford University
  • President, Senior Care Solutions, Aetna
  • Medical Director of Health & Wellness Innovation, Aetna
  • CEO-Founder,  Interage Research, LTD
  • CEO-Founder, Vision Youthz (now Mind Body Awareness Project)
Engagement Design5 out of 5
5 years experience
Population Health Management8 out of 5
8 years experience
Innovation15 out of 5
15 years experience
Strategy10 out of 5
10 years experience
Product Development7 out of 5
7 years experience


Health Tech/ Algorithm5 out of 5
5 years experience
  • Harvard University, Masters in Public Health (MPH), Healthcare management & innovation
  • UCSF School of Medicine,  Doctorate of Medicine (MD)
  • University of Colorado, Boulder, BA in Molecular, cellular, developmental biology
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